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Auto-Counting Piggy Bank
Auto-Counting Piggy BankAuto-Counting Piggy BankAuto-Counting Piggy Bank

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With its customized coin deposit slot and large digital LCD screen, this Electronic Coin Bank automatically calculates a new total each time you add a coin, allowing you to watch and track your savings. Know exactly how much change is inside the money jar each and every time you insert a coin. Fun for both young and old, the bank is especially entertaining for kids, and a great way to teach them about money.

Auto-counting Electronic Coin Bank with LCD Display

  • Auto-counting: It automatically counts your coins as they slip through the slot.
  • LCD Screen: Displays the total for every deposit.
  • Large Capacity: Can store 800-1000 coins.
  • Accepted Coin Type: Accepts all U.S. coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and silver dollars.
  • Removable Lid: For easy access to your savings.
  • Plus and Minus Button: Enables the manual counting.
  • ABS Material: Harder to break than those glass or ceramic money boxes.

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